7 Reasons Why Mentors Are A Must

All great companies have leaders who mentor others. Mentoring is considered to be an essential tool for attaining business goals. It helps to build an agile, engaged, skilled workforce that can help drive organisations towards their goals.

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Given the unique and highly stressful nature of modern workplaces, everyone in their life must have at least one great mentor who inspires and encourages them continuously. As a mentor has already experienced and survived the rigmaroles of the corporate world, he or she has the perfect wisdom to impart. Apart from helping their mentees take career-defining decisions, mentors are also a necessity when it comes to feeling confident and gaining important resources to get ahead, both in personal and professional lives.

Here are the top ten reasons why you must have a mentor in life:

1. They help you set goals

As a newbie, very often we tend to overlook the line that separates wishful thinking from achievable goals. A mentor helps you set measurable goals for yourself. Without goals, you are most likely to go dormant or maybe even move backwards in life. Therefore, having a set of clear goals helps you to keep moving forward and stay motivated. Besides that, a mentor not just tells you what to do but also helps you to find ways of doing it.

2. They provide information and knowledge

There are many times when we are looking for some information but don’t know whom to ask? With a mentor by our side, we know exactly whom to turn to for answers. A mentor provides you with information and a wealth of knowledge that helps you move faster in life by shortening the learning curve. 

3. They understand your weaknesses and strengths

A mentor showers harsh criticism and encouraging appreciation with equal élan, both of which are necessary for growth. They understand what your weaknesses are and help you overcome them by using your strengths. This allows you to understand how you can be most effective at what you do in a given situation or circumstance.

4. They never let you stop or become satisfied

Continuous goal setting helps you to keep moving ahead in life. Not allowing you to rest on your laurels, a mentor gives you the confidence, which encourages you to make an attempt at trying something new. They offer you inspiration, provide you with a better perspective and most of all, they are always there to watch your back.

5. They always keep a check on you

They don’t let you cheat on your goals or divert from your priorities. Whether you are looking for a new job, growth in your current role, starting or growing your own business, having a great mentor by your side will help you progress and achieve your full potential faster.

6. Being experienced, they prevent you from making mistakes

A mentor saves you from the distressing effects of not knowing. Since, they are already ahead of you on the learning curve, they know very well what works and what does not. Hence, they save your time and effort from being wasted on the stuff that doesn’t really yield any result.

7. They stimulate your growth

While they save you from making major mistakes that can have devastating effects on your life and career, they also give you opportunities to learn things on your own. Mentors guide you on how to go about with things, but once that done, they sit and watch from a distance while you go about finding your own way of doing things that contribute towards your growth and success.

Mentors extend their personal support to facilitate your success. People who experience good mentoring also have a greater chance at career advancement. Therefore, their role in your professional evolution is priceless. Having a great mentor in life that can steer you towards success is nothing short of a blessing. They are important at every stage of your career. If you don’t have one yet, it’s time you find one.

At The Taplow Group, our reputation over the years in the making, has been built on successful searches for board members, chief and senior executives, and functional experts. The leaders we’ve placed with our partner organisations have been very successful at leveraging mentoring as an effective tool for shaping organisational culture and closing engagement and generational gaps.



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