Sourcing Leadership Roles – Key Tips

There’s nothing more critical to the success of an organisation than to bring the right leaders on board. The challenge is around how to hire the right leaders.

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‘A good leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. – John C. Maxwell

A ‘Good Leader’ sets up his team for success while a ‘Great Leader’ shows and teaches his team how to succeed. So, the question is what makes a ‘Great Leader’? There is no ‘Right Mix’ for becoming a “Great Leader”. There may be many common traits, strengths, and skills that majority of great leaders possess. However, what significantly improves career performance and helps to stand out among other executive candidates is the ability to acquire, develop and utilise these qualities. While leadership styles may vary from leader-to-leader, great leaders share a number of common traits that augment their success. 

Leadership traits refer to personal qualities that are the hallmark of effective leadersSo, what should you look for is what we have tried to decipher here.For a correct assessment of traits for an executive leader, the headhunter should look at:

Physical Traits:

Many a times, people tend to dismiss the importance of physical fitness for healthy functioning of the mind and body. People who pay attention to their physical well-being are found to be more energetic and are better equipped to manage the demands made on C-suite executives, both physically and mentally. Based on research, it has been identified that distinguished C Suite leaders have a high capacity for productive work output along with high work endurance and stamina. This necessarily does not imply that you conduct health assessments to measure the physical competency but rather inquire about their involvement in physical, co-curricular activities along with their hobbies to get an idea about their physical endurance.

Personal Traits:

Personality and character that the C-level executive embodies defines his or her leadership style. Personal traits, like emotional stability, enthusiasm, conscientiousness, self-assurance, Intuitiveness etc., play a major role in determining who will and who will not be comfortable leading others. For example, leaders who have charisma are able to illicit strong emotions in their employees by defining a vision which unites and captivates them. There are various Psychometric Tests for Leadership that are specially crafted to identify competencies that one is expected to posses. These tests enable a headhunter to select the best candidate for the role and organisation. 

Performance Traits: 
Past Performance provides valuable insights towards the candidate’s competencies but must be gauged carefully.

  • A proven track record along with compelling performance reviews indicating positive growth are some important records to look at.
  • Along with this, try to identify the obstacles the candidate may have faced in the past and ask for innovative solutions for the same. Ask significant questions related to performance versus the goals and expectations of current or previous organisation to gauge leadership effectiveness.
  • Furthermore , make a conscious effort to understand the core values that the candidate displays and how aligned are they with your organisations values.

A leader defines the direction of the business and the responsibility for identifying the right direction for the organisation needs to lie with someone who is dynamic as well diligent. Considering the fact that there is so much at stake, it has become quintessential for companies to identify the correct leader for their organisation.



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