Communications Advisor

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Reporting directly to the Chief Executive, this position will suit a dynamic, pragmatic and solutions driven individual. You will be given considerable scope in order to drive all manner of imperatives for the organisation. Such is the nature of this organisation, the subject matter is genuinely interesting, and plays a key role for ‘NZ Inc.’ particularly around environmental management.
You will have responsibility for management of all aspects of internal and external communications, publications, public affairs, media management and online presence.
Your experience, especially with the “machinery of government,” as a major stakeholder, will ensure you naturally understand the boundaries within which you can effectively operate, but there is no question you can utilise the breadth of that experience to develop solutions, with an expectation of proactivity wherever possible.

Relationship management is a key competency for this role. Critically, and central to your success, will be the ability to establish close working relationships with the Regional Offices. These will be key partnerships, providing expertise for the management of both proactive and reactive messaging. Your ability to develop positive working relationships across the organisation will not only ensure effective delivery to the various sector needs, but through understanding their individual requirements, also allow for prioritisation, and the communication of such.

While operating at strategic levels, you will also have the natural capacity to take responsibility for tactical requirements and the “run of the mill” elements that come with any role across this discipline.

Given the breadth of “subject matter” you will be involved with, there is a natural level of ambiguity, so you must be confident and comfortable with operating effectively in such environs, as required.
While managing across both the communications and marketing disciplines, the primary focus in this role is the communications aspect, with a strong involvement also with mar/comms, and an equal measure of internal and external communications.

Ideally you will have:

  • A background in communications to at least an intermediate level.
  • You will have been in, or currently reside in the government sector or is/was a journalist with PR industry experience and understands government
  • This is the core customer base, so understanding how they operate and what their drivers are, is essential.
  • Confidence in proactively providing the most staff and the aligned entities, i.e. the Regional Offices, with advice and output, relevant to their needs.
  • High levels of resilience in both managing workloads and expectations of those you interact with.

In order to apply for this unique opportunity, please send your CV to or For further information in strict confidence, please contact Tony Walsh on 029271-1101 quoting reference 3416284



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