Managing Director

Wellington based
  • Autonomous leadership role
  • Highly technical/highly commercial
  • Spanning strategic to operational management

AROTEC Diagnostics Ltd is a manufacturer and global distributor of high-quality antigens and antibodies for the autoimmune diagnostics market. The manufacturing facility is state-of-the-art, located in Lower Hutt, Wellington, New Zealand. AROTEC’s sophisticated processes together with its highly specialised trained scientists and overseas sales team, has made the company the leader in native antigen purification to diagnostics equipment manufacturers around the world. As a result, alongside its investment in new technologies and a highly skilled staff and as a recognition of adherence to production of the highest quality, the company has had impressive growth across both revenues and profit.

This role has come available, one that can genuinely lay claim to being rare in New Zealand, even more so in Wellington.

A strong technical/science foundation with impressive commercial credentials is what we seek. This is not an either/or scenario, as this complementary skill set is critical.

The former is required in order to genuinely understand the organisation, its products, processes, customers… and people. You will be intimately involved with each, so “talking the language” is imperative in terms of developing credibility across all.

Underpinning all of those aspects is the inescapable fact that this is a commercial enterprise. As a result, all the aforementioned elements contribute to the commercial and financial success of the organisation. Only by achieving such can the company continue to invest and expand in order to keep up with, and ahead of, the everchanging market and customer needs.

While fortunate to have latterly become part of the global Sebia Group, this is a highly autonomous role, having full P&L responsibility for AROTEC and being its representative Director in New Zealand.

However, the title is not one that should detract from your having the natural propensity to be intimately involved in any aspect of the business, wherever required. In fact, the role has a strong operational aspect that you will see as a natural adjunct to the strategic challenges, and not balk from involvement in such.

The key attributes you will bring:

  • Superior leadership with a unique mix of science and commercial experience.
  • Ability to connect at every level, from interaction with the CEO of a global entity, to leading and managing operational requirements across a variety of disciplines.
  • Strong financial management experience, as would be expected of someone in this level of role.
  • Strategic strength in developing and forging new, complementary directions in order to further enhance new product development and aligned market penetration

In summary, this is an opportunity to lead a unique entity in New Zealand, providing critical services to all the major players in a highly sophisticated environment, across the global market. You will have the energy and “nous” to build upon the excellent work already completed, so enhancing the reputation and breath of offerings AROTEC provide, and the services it delivers.

Applications close 25th February 2022.

Please email your CV to or quoting reference no. 3383025. For further information in strictest confidence, please contact Tony Walsh on 029 271 1101 or Graeme Sandri on 029 248 8502.


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