Chief Executive

Auckland Based

You will see the value this organisation brings to New Zealand and be driven to take a lead in making a difference across a diversity of platforms

  • National leadership role influencing multiple sectors
  • Opportunity to shape and develop the organisation
  • Leading influence and growth

Outstanding opportunity to drive and expand the capability and reach of a highly respected entity, one with considerable potential for growth and influence.

With a core science/technical foundation, they provide genuinely unique and critical services, this organisation plays a principal role ensuring product and service standards are met, across all “markets.” The natural result of their work has a positive impact across all of our lives, making a vital contribution to the well-being of all New Zealanders, and our export markets/customers.

You will utilise your inspirational “service” leadership skills and experience by connecting with, and further enhancing, the proven potential of a highly committed, capable, and well performing team. While your business experience may not necessarily be in science or engineering, a genuine  interest in such would be advantageous, including an appropriate tertiary qualification.

Strong vision and strategy ensure the organisation focuses on measurable and tangible outcomes, that naturally provide value to their immediate customers and, as a result, New Zealanders as a whole.

Further to the aforementioned people leadership capability, you will possess:

  • Superior relationship development and management skills, with the ability to effectively represent the interests and influence of the organisation, spanning all manner of entities, from customers through to governmental stakeholders.
  • Outstanding communication skills, as expected in a high performing leader. The ability to connect with a wide variety of professionals is essential, including technical experts who deliver the critical outputs, and are the representative “face” of the organisation.
  • An understanding of the “machinery of government,” while not essential, would undoubtedly be beneficial.
  • A track record of innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in order to deliver on the opportunities that undoubtedly exist across numerous markets.
  • Experience working effectively with Boards. This Board is highly engaged, clear-sighted, and passionate about the opportunities for the organisation to maximise its growth potential.

This really is a role with a great mix of challenges and opportunities for a highly motivated and driven leader who connects and inspires at every level, internal and external.

Please email your CV to or quoting reference no. 3165531. For further information in strictest confidence, please contact Tony Walsh on 029 2711101 or Graeme Sandri on 029 248850


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